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Rock n Roll, Heart & Soul

Pete Seeger once said, “The right song at the right time can change history.”

That is some powerful stuff.  Look back throughout the decades.   Certain artists and songs are immediately associated with a certain era, decade, or part of history.   Then there are those songs filled with lyrics so powerful, raw & real that  they act as catalysts for monumental moments that shaped our history.   Songs like Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”.  Genius lyrics that pose the rhetorical questions that people of the times were struggling with and provided what those listening yearned for : peace and connection.

With my itunes playing in the background, I sat back and thought about what music means to me.   What role do I let it play in my own life.     Based on the fact that I have hundreds of playlists for every type of situation, moment and person in my life….I would say the role it play is pretty substantial.

Jimmie Vaughan & Buddy Guy – Rialto Square

Music is that friend when you need a friend the most.  It is by your side when you need a good cry.  It is when you feel so very alone, hear a lyric, and immediately feel comforted knowing someone else in this big, big world is going through the same thing you are.   It is that friend that makes you think.   It is my source of inspiration.   It can be a stress reliever, an energy booster, and therapeutic.  It is that friend that motivates you to get your butt to the gym.  It generates this inner-energy and is the sole reason I have ever made it through any type of run.   It is the friend who gets me even more pumped as I get ready for my girls night out and is always there to get amped on my wa
y to any shoot.

Strawberry Fields – Central Park

Music is love.   It is the universal language.   It brings cultures together & connects strangers by breeding that common ground and connection that people yearn for.   It is beyond everything that the eyes can see.   It makes no difference how much money you make, the color of your skin, how old you are, or where you grew up……because it is more than that.  It is deep within.  Music has & always will be something I can feel in the depths of who I am.   It is the heart of my soul.


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