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Stitch Fix Review | Fix #2

I was like a kid waiting for Santa Claus as I anxiously awaited the special box that Fed Ex was delivering yesterday! I have always loved surprises, and getting a box full of goodies as an adult is the best! This was my 2nd Stitch Fix. It was finally time to ditch the maternity pants, and get some new jeans….I’m still not quite in the pre-preggo jeans yet. It is a work in progress. As much as I love shopping, between my running my business & raising a little human…..I don’t really have the time for it anymore. So Stitch Fix has been my saving Grace.

What is Stitch Fix you ask….Stitch Fix is a service that sends you clothes & accessories specifically chosen for you by your own personal stylist. You receive 5 items in your fix that can be made up of clothing, jewelry, or handbags. I currently only want clothing, so I just let them know!  Let me give you a brief synopsis of what it is in 3 quick steps:

  1.  Start by filling out a simple, but detailed, “style profile”. Your stylist takes all of your sizes, preferred price points, likes, dislikes, and anything you are looking for in particular into consideration. The more detailed you make your style profile, the better the fix! I also made a Pinterest board for my stylist, so she could see a little more of what my taste and style is.
  2. Order your 1st fix! Your card will be charged a $20 Styling fee, but if you keep any item (1 or more), you will be credited back the $20. (This is why I always recommend keeping at least 1 item from your fix!)
  3. Have a fashion show at home and decide what you want! They include a pre-paid envelope to send back anything you decide not to keep. You have 3 business days to decide, so try everything on, decide what to keep & what to send back.

In my opinion it’s pretty awesome to have someone else pick out clothing for me based on my personal style. They end up sending things I may not have necessarily chosen for myself, but end up loving! My biggest shopping struggle always seems to be finding a pair of pants that fit (because of my height)! BOTH of my fixes have include a pair of jeans that fit PERFECTLY! This is unheard of to me!!!

Ps. It is not a subscription service. You can either choose to have them automatically send shipments, or decide when you want another fix (this is what I do), whether that is 6 weeks or 2 years from your first fix. And Bonus: if you keep everything in your Stitch Fix box, you get 25% off of everything!  :)

Here is what was in my mystery box this month…

1. Greenich Striped Knit Top : I loved this top! It was the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe, especially with the maroon stripes! Added Bonus: the sleeves were even long enough!  Status: KEPT


2. Collen Straight Leg Jean : I know I mentioned this before, but finding a pair of jeans that fits me is always a challenge. The struggle is real!!  I specifically asked for a pair of jeans, and they delivered….these fit!   Status: KEPT

3. Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan : Although I liked this, it was cozy, & the type of thing I could throw on over lots of outfits….I have something almost exactly identical to it already. Status: RETURNED

4. Colton Marled Knit Cardigan : This is one of those items that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for myself, but I am happy my stylist did, because I’ve literally had it on since it arrived! It is cozy, comfy, & warm! Status :Kept


5. Ruby Maxi Dress : This is the piece that had me befuddled. I am not one for patterns/floral/ def not butterflies. This would be a MAYBEEEEE during springtime….but for winter? It is just NOT me! I do give them points for sending me a dress that was actually long enough! STATUS : RETURNED


And there you have it! 3 out of 5 ain’t bad! Let me know which ones you liked and didn’t care for! I plan on ordering my next fix before Christmas, so I can have some cute options to wear to the upcoming holiday parties!

If you are ready to give Stitch Fix a try, click HERE.

Christy - I love the ones you kept!! The cardigan looks super comfy and I love the color. I think the dress is different and beautiful on you but it is winter.

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