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Lennon Kate :: St. Louis BirthStory

This is a family that I have loved since the moment I met them nearly four years ago.  We were there to capture Michelle & Matt’s BirthStory for their first born, Luke.  When Michelle found out she was having baby number 2, she contacted me and said they HAD TO HAVE another BirthStory!   I wanted to share an excerpt from the email she sent me, because it truly touched my heart.  Reading things like this are the reason I feel blessed to have found my calling in life.  
“Quick story because I think you’ll appreciate it: Since birthstories have been on my mind lately, I thought Luke might like to watch his. The first attempt didn’t go all that well – I think he got bored with seeing just pictures of Matt & I (the maternity pics)! He eventually asked me to watch “something else” before we really got to his big debut.  So, the second time I tried I just fast-forwarded to his birth day & went from there. As we got into the newborn pics, I looked over at him & he was CRYING!!! My rough & tumble, all-boy, sports-loving, guitar-playing 2 year old was crying…tears quietly rolling down his cheeks. I asked him if he was ok & he told me he was. He then added: “Luke…he loves his Mommy. He loves his daddy.” He’s always been a very sweet kid, but I was beyond amazed that he would be so moved by these pictures. They have always brought tears to my eyes, but to see his reaction — I was forever changed by that moment. Many thanks to you & your sister for giving us those memories & for capturing our love on film. I will never forget the moment & feelings we shared.”  (email from Michelle)
And I present to you, Lennon’s BirthStory!!!    I LOVE that Matt & Michelle decided to wait until the moment their little one arrived to find out if they were having a boy or girl.  I think it is the sweetest and absolute best surprise parent’s could ask for.  I live for that moment when the Dad calls out “IT’S A BOY!!!” or “IT’S A GIRL!”  This BirthStory is one of my new favorites!   


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