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California Sunshine, Beautiful Souls, and Everyday Miracles [Robert, May, + Talia]

“Baby, baby, baby….can’t you see?  Sometimes your eyes just hypnotize me!”  

Obviously Biggie must have been talking about Talia.    Her eyes have blown me away since the first time I saw her open them.   They are not your typical blue.  They are more of this captivating, magical, no I did NOT photoshop the color kind of blue.  This family is like a breath of fresh air.   They are rays of sunshine that bring a warmth to those that they touch.  I first met May and Robert when we picked the two of them up for a maternity session and headed out to the middle of a dry salt lake bed.   It was at El Mirage, that I captured not only some of my favorite images I have ever taken….but also where I could see and feel the excitement and love between these two as they awaited their little Talia.    No more than seven days later, I received the call that it was the day!!!     I shared and captured their first moments adoring and holding their sweet baby girl.  Then there was a newborn session, and three short months later, I was able to snap a few more photos of this family.    When I found out I would be back in Cali in November, I reached out to May immediately.   I had missed these three SOOOO MUCH!!!      They were even gracious enough to let me stay with them for a couple days!!      I once read that if there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person.   Before I arrived at their home, May warned me that Talia wakes up before the sun rises.  I could not help but think of that quote and Miss Talia and smile.    Maybe it is not that Talia wakes up before the sunrise, but rather she brings the light each and every morning.  This one year old brought me an inspirational and insightful way of looking at this big, big world.

  We hiked up the small mountain as the sun began to rise & pure beauty was the result. 


This was one of May’s childhood toys.   Talia LOVED it!!!   I had to include the photo above of her trying to push it forward.  That little look of determination in her face had me smiling ear to ear!!


Yes people.  This is their backyard.   I’m moving back to cali!!  I miss this year round weather!!!!   


This mama has pure

Then we took an afternoon walk to the neighborhood park.    I miss her already!!!    

We had a few days of catching up, mini photo sessions, and May introduced me to my new top three, can’t live without things:   1. a Korean Spa   2. The Blue Cocoon 3. The Honey Mud.     And let me let everyone in on on a little secret.   May Lindstrom Skin is May’s skincare company.   It is my absolute, can not live without, most favorite product in the world.    She recently had not one, but TWO product launches.    The Blue Cocoon and The Honey Mud.    I was there as she was preparing the very first batch that was being sent out in time for the holidays.  I can tell you first hand, this product is developed, created, packaged, and sent with love and care.   As embarrassing as it may be,  I went from never washing my face to literally looking forward to my skin care ritual.   Now THAT is an amazing product.    May was gracious enough to send me home with one of each….and within five days of being back in the blistery winter weather of St. Louis and using my new products…..three different  people complimented me on my how great my skin was looking.    Coincidence?  I think not.

The Honey Mud
The Honey Mud

Will - Your pictures are gorgeous. And a very beautiful family. My son was born with blue eyes like that. We called them his laser blue eyes as they seemed like they could pierce into your soul it is such a pure blue. Again love your photos and my daughter is begging to try out your two favorites from her skin line.

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