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Winter Wonderland : Liz + Corey

When life presents an opportunity, seize the moment.   The moments fly by and the days are never promised.   It is so easy to put things off for a “next time” and take things for granted.   We wait to schedule that photo session, make that phone call, or spend that quality time with who we have been meaning to…. and before we know it, a season, a year, or years have passed us by.     We fill our days with to-do lists, long work hours and  busy work.    Sometimes a simple snowstorm is what it takes to stop, pause, breathe, reflect and love.

This was one of those days.    The weather advisories flooded my news feed.   There was a snowstorm headed straight for Saint Louis.   I did what any prepared person would do, and on Snow-pocalypse Eve I made my way to the grocery store for important things, like Haribo Gummy Bears, Espresso, Sauvignon Blanc and some good cheese.   I had no shoot planned for the next day, and no plans aside from opening up my blinds and working from my warm loft taking in the view.  Based on everyone’s facebook posts, I knew the snow had arrived as promise before I even looked out of my window.  The city of Saint Louis pretty much shut down, and all of my grown adult friends were taking every bit of advantage of this snow day.   As cozy and warm as it was in my slipper boots, I had this desire to seize the moment.    I wanted to capture this snow globe that was mesmerizing.   I knew I wanted to capture that happy, calm and magical feeling that the city covered in snow brings.   I wanted to combine that atmosphere with a sweet love.  I had no idea who was going to be this love, but through my own experience, I knew if it was meant to be, something would come to me.   Then, I had that moment.   I saw a facebook post from a couple I adore.  They were seizing the  day that they had off of work and away from the world together.   At that moment, I knew they were the couple I wanted to capture in this Winter Wonderland.   They have been married nearly ten years, and the love you feel when around them makes you feel like you are in the company of newlyweds.   I can only hope to share that strong of a love one day.   They look like models, not to mention they are so very in love, & to sweeten the deal, they happen to live down the street from me.      Next thing I knew, we were no longer watching the snowstorm from inside.   We were now part of that snow-globe beauty.   By the end of the session, my numb fingers could hardly press the shutter button, but I would not have had it any other way.   The rewarding feeling that accompanies seizing the day lasts far longer than the time it takes your fingers and toes to thaw out.

SaintLouisSnowShoot 1

The view from my desk.

Turns out, Liz is an interior decorator, which makes sense, because I must say is pretty much one of the best decorated homes I have ever seen.  She is with out a doubt in the right profession.  (Dashing Design by Elizabeth Kavlock)

Liz- the offer is still up on the table…anytime you want to come over and help me get my place all set up….let me know!  :)

SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 1
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 2
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 4
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 5
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 3
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 9
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 7
Side note:  Any future brides looking for a DJ, check out Liz + Corey’s website.   They also run Arch DJ‘s together.

SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 8
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 6
SaintLouisWeddingPhotographer Liz and Corey 6

Ashley - Liz is seriously a barbie doll! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS ASH!

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