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Brittany + Erasmo : Bahamas Engagement


People may think the best part of my job is the travel.   Especially when the travel requires:

1.  Passport

2. Involves packing my swimsuits, sunscreen and Ray Bans along with my camera gear.

They are mistaken.  I mean….I will be the first to tell them that awesome does not even begin to describe how it feels to combine my two life passions of photography & travel and call that my profession.   There is only one thing that far out weighs the travel, accumulation of airline rewards & passport stamps.   I fall in love with the people I meet along the way.   The love I witness, document, and experience with each couple, their families and the vendors along the way.   More times than I count, I have left the reception feeling like I have been graciously welcomed into a new, extended family. .    Brittany and Erasmo and their lovely families made us feel like family before we even stepped through customs.  I am not exaggerating when I say that even the man working customs literally had a smile ear to ear and greeted us with open arms the moment I said that I was there for Brittany and Erasmo’s wedding.        Their families’ thoughtfulness, happiness  and  enthusiasm made it quite apparent that they were ready to share what makes their “home away from home” so very special.   This is part 1 of their Bahamas Wedding Adventure series of upcoming blogs.    I saved them for these bitter winter months to warm us all up a bit!   Right after the rehearsal, Britt and E snuck away with me to savor that last sunset  at The Abaco Club before becoming Mr. + Mrs.


Brittany and Erasmo Bahamas Engagement


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