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Jennifer + Brian : Oceanside Wedding

Jimmy.  Vera.   They were just a few of the guests at this wedding that added to its style and fabulousness.   The real stars of this wedding were the bride and groom.   I feel truly blessed when I get to be a witness of the kind of love that Jennifer and Brian share and the vows that were made on their wedding day.The first impression is a lasting impression.    I met these two last December when I tagged along with Becker for their Engagement Session in Laguna Beach.  First impressions are everything, and it was in this first encounter with them that I could see how much this woman meant to Brian.  The smile that displayed his adoration towards her.   The way he patiently waited for her as we walked across the rocky beach, and the helpful way he offered his hand to assist her and even offered to carry her.  I could feel his respect for her.  The glisten in his eyes showed a true reflection of the love and happiness he felt because she was a part of his life.  I remember reading somewhere that the only guy that deserves you, is the one who thinks he doesn’t.  Brian is that man for Jennifer.  As I chatted with Jen’s mom on the morning of the wedding, she told me the thing that means the most to her about her daughter’s relationship, it is the way he adores her.  In her mother’s words, “He truly cherishes her.”  It was as if her mom was reading my mind.  It was in that moment that I knew the first impression was no impression, it was the truth in the love that these two share.I am honored and blessed to somehow have found my calling in life.   A passion that brings me into the lives of people like these two.      Thank you, Becker, for inviting me to second-shoot and capture the beauty that encompassed each and every moment of this day.  Every time we shoot together, we feed off of each other.  Our competitive sides combined with our passion and love for what we do paired with our ability to read each other make me ever so grateful for every opportunity we have to work together.   xo


And the man of the day, Brian, with his million dollar smile!!!

I LOVE this one!!    :)
Terranea Resort was a BEAUTIFUL  Racho Palos Verdes was the perfect venue to host this wedding!
One of my favorite moments of the day was the toast that Jennifer’s mother gave.   As a girl that is shares that super close bond with my own mother, I could not help but tear up as your mother read this poem.
My Daughter
My darling daughter,
I just want you to know
wherever your life takes you, 
my heart shall also go.

When I learned that you were coming,
it was a wonderful night.
But little did I know, my child,
you’d become my guiding light.

I held you, and I raised you,
kissing life’s pains away;
but now there’ll be another
starting with your wedding day.

So go into the world, my love,
and chase all the joy you can.
Just remember, you’re still mine, dear daughter.
I’m just sharing you with that man.

I wish you all life’s happiness, love,
though now it’s with another.
But always remember, never forget,
No one will ever love you…like your mother.  

Jen- as you said in your message to me, I feel the same way about you.   I am so lucky not only to have met you, but to have made a new friend.    Some of my favorite moments of the day:   “Big herrrrr don’t kerrrrrr.” #Brenniferwedding & Chloe (who so perfectly rhymes with my Zoey!!) themed drinks.


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